Even as electronic payment processing continues to evolve with the use of cards, and now even contactless payments, cash transactions are still very important. As cash continues to be a need for consumers, ATMs remain an important piece of technology as well. Businesses can benefit a great deal from having an ATM inside their own establishment, especially those in the c-store industry.

Bring more customers to your store

In 2016, consumers made 5.8 billion ATM withdrawals which totaled over $687 billion in value. Since then, the use of ATMs has continued to grow and today American’s rely on the machines more than ever. A recent report from the US Federal Reserve showed that almost 75% of United States consumers still rely on ATMs as an everyday resource. This means the addition of an ATM to your store could greatly increase the amount of people coming in.

Convenience stores, specifically, have a great advantage to attracting customers with in-store ATMs. Studies have shown that consumers prefer to use ATMs in convenient locations or while they’re out running errands, rather than the traditional bank ATMs. If you are the owner of a gas station, you’ll have the opportunity to bring gas customers into your store who may not have come inside otherwise.